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Best Backpacking Tent 2024

Choosing your tent is one of the most difficult gear purchases. There are numerous tent manufacturers and even more models to choose from.

For backpacking the most popular tent models are tunnel tent and dome tent. Other models include for example geodetic tent and hybrid model which combines features of other models.

Before you decide what tent to buy, consider carefully what kind of conditions it is going to be used in, how much space you need, how much the weight matters etc.

When you are buying the tent you should check that the fabric feels durable, the floor’s fabric should be strong enough for rough and rocky terrain. Check also that poles, guy lines and pegs are durable and unbending. The ventilation should work well, so there won’t be any condensation on the inner tent’s fabric.

Different tent models have some handy details, like drying line and pockets inside the tent. Many models have included repair kit which should always be carried with the tent. It allows you to repair little damages to the fabric and also a broken pole. If the tent has a vestibule it provides a great shelter for cooking if the weather is bad. The vestibule is also useful to keep your trekking shoes and other gear.

The weights of the tents usually start from about two kilograms. Some one person models weight close to one kilogram but in those models there’s always had to give up on some features.


The waterproofness is defined as a hydrostatic head in millimetres (mm), for example 5000 millimeters. Generally if the value is over 1500mm the fabric is considered waterproof. The fabric of the tent’s floor has often higher value than outer tent’s, because it takes more pressure. The most popular ways to achieve waterproofness are silicon impregnation and polyurethane coating.

Last update: December 7, 2020

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