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On the busiest days in the late summer, the summit of Galdhopiggen is often visited by hundreds of people. Galdhopiggen means the mountain peak Galdho.

Geologically Galdhopiggen, just like the most mountains in southern Norway, is part of the Caledonian fold.

During the glacial periods and glaciers Galdhopiggen got its present form. The theory that the highest peaks in Norway remained above the ice was abandoned by most geologists. It fits well with the flora in the territory, but not well with the current state of knowledge, the thickness of the ice and results of the ice ages.

For many years, the Norwegians did not know Galdhopiggen actually is its highest peak. Galdhopiggen has been challenged for the title as the highest mountain in Norway by mountain Glittertind. But the measures have shown Glittertind is slightly lower than Galdhopiggen. The glaciers in Glittertind have decreased in recent years, and it’s now only 2464m high.

Last update: December 1, 2020

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