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Backpacking Checklist

This is an example of a backpacking gear checklist for treks in the summer time. The list includes just the basic gear.

Of course you can always get the list even compact if you want and don’t need anything extra in your gear.


Choosing your tent is one of the most difficult gear purchases. There are numerous tent manufacturers and even more models to choose from.

In trekking use the most popular tent models are tunnel tent and dome tent. Other models include for example geodetic tent and hybrid model which combines features of other models.


Nowadays the most popular hiking backpacks are so called anatomical models. The more traditional model is backpack with an external frame, which has lost its popularity lately and is harder to find.

Anatomical backpacks are getting better and better so it’s a safe choice for everyone.

Sleeping Bags

There are two types of sleeping bags: down filled and synthetic material filled.

Down filled are naturally more expensive because of the high price of down. Manufacturers are developing better and better synthetic fillings which could match the features of down.

Sleeping Pads

The purpose of the sleeping pad (or sleeping mat) is to insulate the sleeping person from the grounds coldness and humidity.

Depending on the thickness and the quality of the sleeping pad it also makes it more comfortable to sleep than on the hard ground.


One of the most important gears in trekking is definitely the trekking shoes.

When you are carrying a heavy pack for a long distanced the feet are under heavy stress and the purpose of the shoes is to reduce this stress as much as possible.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a great support for hikes while you are carrying heavier loads and the terrain is perharps challenging.

Whether you want to use trekking poles or not is you personal choice. However there are many positive sides on using trekking poles.