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Packing a Pack

Choosing a Backpack The heavier gear should be packed in the large middle section of the pack and closest to your back. This way the weight is distributed evenly and the backpack won’t stress your back too much. Sleeping bag is usually packed in the lower section and the sleeping mat outside the pack, to the top or the bottom of the pack.

The gear which you will need during the day, like food and cooking gear should naturally be packed to be easily and quickly available. When a good quality backpack is packed carefully and adjusted properly it’s a pleasure to carry even for a longer trek.

Lightweight Backpacking

Lightweight backpacking has become more and more popular during the recent years. Backpack is one of the heaviest gear for hiking. It means that when you want to lighten your gear list, one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to get a lighter backpack.

Lightweight backpack surely is something you want to consider. Just keep in mind that the lighter the backpack gets, the lesser functions it will have. Also the carrying system might not be as comfortable as in heavier packs.

Backpack Manufacturers

There are literally hundreds of backpack manufacturers. Some of the well known companies that produce high quality backpacks are Osprey, Arc’teryx, Gregory, GoLite and The North Face. However, you should not choose the backpack by it’s brand. The most important thing to remember when choosing the right backpack for you is that you feel comfortable with the pack on your back. After that you can start to consider other aspects and features of the backpack.

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