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How to choose hiking boots or shoes

One of the most important gears in backpacking and hiking are definitely the hiking boots or shoes.

When you are carrying a heavy pack for a long distanced the feet are under heavy stress and the purpose of the shoes is to reduce this stress as much as possible.

Before deciding what hiking shoes to buy, you should carefully consider some important aspects. In what kind of conditions will the shoes be used in is the most important question. The type of terrain you will be trekking in and the weight of your backpack should be clear before choosing the shoes. The type of terrain affects on the type of the shoes outsole and how much support is needed for your ankles. Also the carried weight affects on these same features.

Choosing hiking boots

If the backpack is light and you aren’t trekking long distances, you can manage well with some basic trekking shoes. In the same manner if the carried weight is heavy, your feet require more support and protection from the shoes.

You shouldn’t go trekking with brand new shoes. Before the first longer trip the shoes need to be well fitted. Only way to do it is to walk around several shorter trips before the first longer distance trek. If you take good care for your trekking shoes, they will last a long time. Often about from five to even ten years, depending on how often used and in what kind of conditions.

Last update: November 26, 2020

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