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Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag – Men’s


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Introducing the Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag for men. This remarkable sleeping bag is designed as the ultimate camping partner, designed specifically with the needs of the adventurous male explorer in mind. Its innovative features and superior quality materials make it a perfect companion for those who seek comfort, warmth, durability and lightweight in their outdoor gear.

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag measures over seven feet in length, accommodating those of various heights comfortably. For additional coziness, a spacious shoulder and hip girth are incorporated into the bag’s design, allowing for a roomy, comfortable sleep, regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

This sleeping bag features a unique 3-in-1 design, making it versatile for various weather conditions. It can be used as a standard sleeping bag, providing warmth and comfort in temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. For cooler nights, the bag’s shell can be detached and used independently as a blanket. Conversely, in warmer weather, the inner liner is ideal to use by itself as a lightweight sleeping bag.

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag is featherweight due to its Ultra-light DownTek water repellent down insulation. This advanced material delivers exceptional warmth and comfort but weighs little, making the bag easy to pack and carry during hiking or mountaineering expeditions – a key requirement for all adventurers.

The bag features a down-filled collar and a draft tube along the zipper that seals in warmth and prevents cold drafts for enhanced comfort throughout the night. Additionally, the hood is also down-insulated, providing a cozy space for your head and preventing heat loss.

The exterior of the bag is made of Ripstop Nylon, one of the most dedicated lightweight materials famed for its resilience against wear and tear. This material is tear-resistant, and also repels water, keeping the bag dry even in damp conditions and ensuring that the down insulation retains its insulative properties.

This bag prioritizes comfort as much as durability. The presence of a soft, comfortable, and breathable liner made from taffeta material ensures a pleasant sleep regardless of the external environment. Moreover, there is a pillow barn, a designated space designed to keep your camping pillow in place, ensuring a sound and undisturbed night’s sleep.

Further enhancing the bag’s performance, the Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 features an anti-snag zipper for smooth, hassle-free operation. It is also designed to be compatible with Big Agnes’ sleep system, allowing the sleeping bag to be combined with a corresponding sleeping pad for optimal comfort.

In conclusion, the Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 sleeping bag for men is a multifunctional and adaptable gear designed to cater to the varied needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Its innovative 3N1 design, high-quality materials, lightweight construction, and features centered on enhancing sleeping comfort make it a superior product in the camping gear market.

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Weight 2 lbs 3 oz
Product Brand Big Agnes
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Added: September 27, 2023

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Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag – Men’s

Big Agnes Lost Ranger UL 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag – Men’s

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