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Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag – Women’s


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Introducing the Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 Women’s Sleeping Bag, a perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and durability. Tailored specifically for women, this sleeping bag boasts a unique feature set and focuses on accommodating the outdoor needs of adventurous women.

The Roxy Ann 3N1 15 has a scientifically streamlined design, keeping the female body’s features and warmth to cold sensitivity ratio in mind. It is 600 words in length with more insulation concentrated towards the upper body and feet, regions where women usually feel the cold more. The curvy structure provides maximum insulation and prevents cold air from finding its way into the bag, therefore keeping you warm all through the night.

One of the standout features of the Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 is its versatility. Its 3 in 1 functionality enhances warmth, functionality, and protection from the elements. You can use it in multiple configurations for different degrees of cold, giving you year-round use in almost any weather condition. It is also designed to accommodate a 25-inch wide sleeping pad to offer that extra level of comfort.

The sleeping bag is filled with DownTek water repellent down, a high-quality insulator promising superior warmth. The specially treated down offers resistance against damp and wet conditions, effectively reducing its water absorption, drying faster, and maintaining loft for longer periods of time. A whopping comfort rating of 15°F means the chances of catching a chill in this sleeping bag are slim to none, no matter how harsh the weather outside is.

Breathability has not been compromised in this sleeping bag. The polyester ripstop shell and nylon taffeta lining assure not just durability but also optimum airflow, preventing overheating and improving comfort. Additionally, it possesses an oversized draft collar or tube that traps the heat in, and the cold out, enhancing sleep comfort.

The Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 is considerably lightweight, which is a huge perk for campers and hikers. Weighing just three pounds, it ensures that performance isn’t compromised for weight. It comes with both an interior loop for hanging and a free range hood, which provides the flexibility of moving your head even when the bag is zipped all the way.

With a zip-friendly design, the YKK 8 zipper avoids material snags. To tackle condensation, the bag has a pillow barn that keeps your pillow tucked in tight all night. The bag also comes with a stuff sack and storage sack adding to its storage efficiency and ease of portability.

The Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 Women’s Sleeping Bag incorporates every element to ensure you get a good night’s rest on any outdoor adventure. With standout features like water repellant down, draft collar, zip-friendly design, and 3 in 1 functionality, this bag has all that a woman needs to enjoy the outdoors without compromising on her comfort or convenience. It is not just a sleeping bag, it is an investment for every female explorer who seeks adventure, quality, and comfort rolled into one. It’s time you added this bag to your camping gear and experienced the bliss of cozy and peaceful nights under the starry sky.

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Weight 3 lbs 5 oz
Product Brand Big Agnes
Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

Added: September 28, 2023

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Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag – Women’s

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag – Women’s

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