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Leki Black Series FX Carbon


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Introducing the Leki Black Series FX Carbon, a revolutionary product designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with the ultimate hiking and trekking experience. This state-of-the-art carbon trekking pole is a game-changer in the industry, combining cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and outstanding durability. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking to elevate your outdoor adventures, the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is a must-have gear that will exceed your expectations.

Designed with a sleek and modern appearance, the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is built to transmit power efficiently and effectively while reducing strain on your joints. Crafted from high-quality carbon material, this trekking pole offers impressive durability while remaining incredibly lightweight. Weighing just XX ounces, it effortlessly adapts to any terrain, providing you with the confidence to conquer even the most challenging trails.

One of the standout features of the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is its innovative SpeedLock 2+ locking system. This advanced mechanism enables you to adjust the pole’s length quickly and securely, ensuring optimal comfort and stability during your hike. The SpeedLock 2+ system also provides a high degree of versatility, allowing you to adapt the pole’s length to different terrains or share it with family and friends of varying heights. Say goodbye to traditional twisting mechanisms with unreliable adjustments – the Leki Black Series FX Carbon guarantees hassle-free and reliable height adjustments at the push of a button.

Another remarkable feature of the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is its ergonomic Aergon Thermo Long grip. Made from lightweight and moisture-wicking foam, this ergonomic handle offers exceptional comfort and a secure grip throughout your entire hike. Its extended length also provides additional support for traversing steep slopes or descending tricky trails. The grip is further enhanced with an integrated strap that ensures a secure and efficient energy transfer, allowing you to maintain a steady momentum in every step.

Equipped with the Leki Black Series FX Carbon, you can confidently tackle any terrain, thanks to its durable and robust carbide flex tips. These tips provide exceptional traction on various surfaces, such as rocky terrains, muddy trails, or snow-covered paths. The carbide flex tips are also replaceable, ensuring the pole’s longevity and continued optimal performance, even after extensive use in rugged environments.

Furthermore, the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is specially designed to accommodate a wide range of outdoor conditions. It features interchangeable baskets that can be effortlessly swapped based on your specific needs. Whether you’re trekking in deep snow, navigating through thick foliage, or simply enjoying a stroll on a well-groomed trail, the adjustable baskets provide optimal stability and prevent the pole from sinking or getting stuck.

When the journey comes to an end, the Leki Black Series FX Carbon can be easily collapsed for convenient transportation and storage. Its three-section design allows for compact folding, while the included secure strap ensures that it remains tightly packed when not in use.

In summary, the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is a premium trekking pole that offers unparalleled performance and durability. Its lightweight design, coupled with the SpeedLock 2+ system and Aergon Thermo Long grip, ensures maximum comfort and adaptability in any situation. With its carbide flex tips and interchangeable baskets, this pole provides exceptional traction on a variety of terrains. Whether you’re embarking on a challenging mountain hike or enjoying a leisurely walk in nature, the Leki Black Series FX Carbon is your trusted companion for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

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Shaft Material Carbon
Min Length 43 inches
Max Length 51 inches
Locking Mechanism External Lever Lock
Grip Material Cork
Weight 1 lbs 0.1 oz
Product Brand Leki
Leki Trekking Poles

Added: September 18, 2023

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Leki Black Series FX Carbon

Leki Black Series FX Carbon

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