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Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0

Introducing the Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 – the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking high-performance and reliable protection in even the harshest alpine environments. Combining cutting-edge technology, innovative features, and a focus on comfort, this sleeping bag sets a new standard for all-season outdoor adventures.

The Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 boasts a durable and waterproof shell constructed with the renowned GORE-TEX fabric. This advanced material is highly breathable, allowing moisture to escape while preventing water from penetrating the bag. With its exceptional weather-resistance, it keeps you dry and comfortable, no matter what the elements throw at you.

Designed for extreme conditions, this sleeping bag is built to provide superior warmth even in freezing temperatures. The insulation features a combination of high-quality 800-fill goose down and synthetic Thermal.Q™ fibers. This unique blend maximizes warmth retention while providing excellent loft, ensuring a cozy night’s sleep in the coldest mountain environments.

Equipped with a mummy-style design, the Bishop Pass offers an optimized fit that minimizes dead air space, maximizing thermal efficiency. The fitted hood and face gasket further enhance heat retention, sealing in warmth during cold nights and windy weather. The bag’s ergonomic shape allows for natural movement, ensuring you can turn and shift positions inside the bag without feeling restricted.

For those who love to explore in the dark, the Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 features a Glow-in-the-Dark zipper pull. It allows for easy access and quick ventilation adjustments during the night, ensuring convenience and safety, particularly in low light conditions. Additionally, the two-way zipper allows for easy entry and exit, along with the ability to unzip from the foot for added ventilation.

Practicality and convenience were key considerations in the design process. The Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 features a range of thoughtful details that enhance the overall user experience. The large draft tube, filled with down insulation, prevents cold air from infiltrating the bag through the zipper, providing extra warmth. The zippered pocket on the interior of the bag provides a safe place to keep small essentials within reach. Furthermore, the bag comes with a compression stuff sack, allowing for effortless packing and transport.

Mountain Hardwear has always been committed to sustainability, and the Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 exemplifies this commitment. The bag is made with responsibly sourced down that meets the rigorous Responsible Down Standard (RDS), ensuring animal welfare, traceability, and sustainability throughout the supply chain. By choosing this sleeping bag, you can enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind.

With its exceptional build quality and reliable performance, the Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 is the perfect companion for mountaineers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts who dare to venture into extreme alpine conditions. Whether you’re embarking on a multi-day snowshoeing trip or summiting challenging peaks, this sleeping bag offers the warmth, protection, and comfort you need to tackle any adventure with confidence. Don’t let the cold months keep you indoors – equip yourself with the Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0 and experience the thrill of winter exploration like never before.

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Weight 3 lbs 3.3 oz
Product Brand Mountain Hardwear
Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bags

Added: September 25, 2023

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Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0

Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass GORE-TEX 0

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