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MSR Superfly

Superfly stove by MSR is a multi-mount backpacking stove which works with a variety of self-sealing canisters. MSR Superfly is a very compact and also a light stove. This stove is also versatile; you can use it on camping use or for week long adventures in the wilderness.

The burner is quite large and it distributes the flame widely. Superfly’s wide flame heats the pot fast and the boil time is said to be about 3 minutes. MSR Superfly has also a flame control valve which allows tuning the flame and saving some precious fuel while cooking.

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Fuel Type Canister
Product Brand MSR
MSR Stoves

Added: May 13, 2014

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MSR Superfly

MSR Superfly


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100% recommends
August 6, 2019

This really is a great stove. It’s small and the weight is indeed minimal. And it works too. I’ve had several MSR products and they have proven to be very durable, and this stove seems to be same.

The only negative thing to say is that it’s so small that be sure that you make your cookings on stable ground. To make it short, MSR Superfly is a great lightweight stove for 3-season use. I can highly recommend it to all the backpackers around the globe.

I recommend this product.