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Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

Introducing the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80, an innovative backpack designed to cater to your serious load-carrying needs. Known for its combination of comfort, durability, and functionality, this product truly stands out in the world of adventure gear.

With a bold aesthetic design that matches its top-performing capabilities, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 possesses a robust build, carefully constructed from 330D Lite plus CORDURA® fabric and 500D LP CORDURA® fabric for the reinforcements. Its dimensions, 34.3”x13”x15.4”, guarantee abundant space, and with its significant 80L capacity, you can comfortably pack all your necessities for an intrepid expedition.

What truly sets the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 apart is its 3-ZIP design, optimizing access to the pack’s contents. You’ll never need to empty your bag to reach an item at the bottom again; just unzip and retrieve.

The Terraframe 80 also revolves around adaptability. Featuring the Overload® feature, this pack provides a load sling expansion system, perfect for carrying larger loads like a dry bag or duffel, or awkwardly shaped equipment that just doesn’t fit into a conventional backpack. This adds a practical, utilitarian edge to the design without compromising stability or comfort.

In addition, an adjustable yoke on this backpack allows it to be customized to your torso length, ensuring the perfect fit and optimal load distribution. Its ergonomically designed harness system and multi-density shoulder straps ensure that the weight you carry is uniformly dispersed, relieving pressure points and minimizing the chances of backaches even on long treks.

The bag also comes with quick-attach frame capture for facilitating easier Overload®, telescoping yoke for adjustable torso length, and various compression straps to reduce bulkiness.

Certainly, the durability of the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 shines in all its details. From its reinforced seams to its rugged zippers and durable fabric, this backpack is resistant to harsh elements and conditions, ready to endure the test of time and the toll of adventure.

Another crowning glory of this product is the detachable daypack which doubles up as a lid. It serves as an excellent accessory for the shorter ventures where only the essentials need to be carried.

The main compartment opens into a large space fit for bulky items, while pockets of different sizes located around the bag provide a well-organized space for smaller items. The side pockets are ideal for storing a water bottle or rain gear, while the lid pocket makes an excellent place for items needed at a quick grab.

From its intuitive design to its stress-crushing durability and adaptability, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 is a backpack for the challenges of the great outdoors. Weighing only 6.8 lbs, it is designed for maximum comfort and utility – a pack that is ready to carry more than just your gear. Whether you’re embarking on a demanding multi-day trek or setting off on a survival expedition, the Terraframe 80 has what it takes to be your dependable packhorse through dense forests, over towering peaks, and beyond.

Indeed, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 epitomizes the brand’s commitment to quality, durability, and adventure-readiness. It’s more than just a backpack, it’s investment into a world of uncompromised adventures. Whether it’s a grand adventure or a brief escape nature, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 has your back.

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Volume 80
Frame Material Carbon
Adjustable Torso
Volume 4870 in³
Weight 6 lbs 1 oz
Product Brand Mystery Ranch
Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Added: November 7, 2023

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Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

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