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Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80


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The Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 is an unparalleled outdoor and adventure product that assures every user of durability, comfort, and a maximum level of organization. This backpack stands at the apex of outdoor gear and is designed to take on the toughest and most rugged terrains, offering you a superior, vestige experience. Embodied in the Terraframe 80 is the intersection of high-quality materials, innovation, and a functional design ethos synonymous with the Mystery Ranch brand.

Starting off with the physical properties, the Terraframe 80, weighing just above 2.4kgs, showcases a perfect blend of lightweight and robust construction. It has a volumetric capacity of 80 liters, which provides ample room to pack all your essentials for extended expeditions. The backpack extends a total of 35.5″, indicating its large size. Yet, it also comes with an adjustable frame and harness which allows the user to fit it to their comfort, accommodating various body types and sizes.

At the heart of the Terraframe 80’s stronger build is its 330D Lite plus Cordura fabric. This fabric underlines the pack’s commitment to monumental strength, abrasion resistance, and long-lasting durability, reaffirming Mystery Ranch’s reputation for making products that endure the toughest conditions. It also features a 500D liner made from heavy-duty materials, providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

One of the Terraframe 80’s eye-catching features is the OVERLOAD® feature with a load sling situated between the pack and the frame. This ingenious feature allows the user to expand the backpack’s capacity for extra loads while maintaining a balanced and centralized load. This design permits seamless transportation of heavy and awkward gear, from antlers to camping equipment, without obstruction while on the move.

The Terraframe 80 exhibits top-notch storage spaces, with a top-loading shroud and a special Speedzip™ twin side compartments for easy access to smaller items. The top pocket is detachable and doubles as a day-pack, further enhancing its versatility.

To maximize wearer’s comfort, Mystery Ranch equipped the Terraframe 80 with a Guide Lite MT™ Frame, a height-adjustable yoke, patented Futura Yoke, and two large handles on each side for easier lifting. The adjustable chest straps and waist belt serve dual purposes – ensuring the backpack stays firmly attached and aiding in weight distribution. The back panel, shoulder harness, and waist belt are all padded and lined with mesh for breathability, assuring the user’s comfort during prolonged carry.

Moreover, Mystery Ranch highlights its commitment to your hiking or camping convenience with included daisy chain webbing for attaching extra gear, as well as dual side water bottle pockets. The Terraframe 80 also offers Ice Ax Loops and adjustable webbing loops on the waist belt for carrying tools.

In conclusion, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 is a true testament to the devoted craftsmanship and design ethos of Mystery Ranch. It is a versatile, large capacity backpack designed for extensive outdoor adventures. With its hard-wearing construction and user-oriented design, it promises to make every journey bearable, comfortable and indeed, memorable.

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Volume 80
Frame Material Carbon
Adjustable Torso
Volume 4870 in³
Weight 6 lbs 1 oz
Product Brand Mystery Ranch
Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Added: October 9, 2023

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Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

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