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Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

The Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 is a premium line hiking backcountry backpack engineered to carry significant loads with a superb comfort level. Touted as a rigorously designed pack for extended missions and heavy load outs, it features the brand’s innovative 3-ZIP design, allowing easy overstuffing and swift item retrieval.

Physically, the saddle-brown hued product measures 23.5 x 15 x 13.5 inches and roughly weighs 6 lbs. Its size, combined with its light weight, makes it an ideal companion for long-duration and rugged-terrain excursions. This backpack is fitted with a robust Terraframe 80 3-ZIP, a feature that enhances accessibility to the depths of the pack rapidly and effortlessly. The 3-way zippers go directly down each side, making packing and unloading hassle-free.

The Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80’s versatile design makes it a suitable choice for multiple applications, such as hiking, hunting, and multi-day wilderness adventures. With an 80-liter storage capacity, it offers ample space to keep your gear, clothing, and essentials well-organized. The pack also has removable, double-wrap redirect waist belts to provide extreme comfort and load stability.

Built with 500D LP Cordura fabric and YKK zippers, it accentuates durability alongside longevity. Cordura, a blend of high tenacity fiber technologies, offers durability and resistance against elements, scratches, and tears. Its sophisticated Overload feature comprises a highly functional shelf that allows you to carry outsized items securely.

The Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 also offers intelligent design features for load carry, travel convenience, and a fit that conforms to the body. Its adjustable harness system supports a customized torso length, improving comfort and portability during intense, laborious treks. Developing a form that fits and moves with the user, it provides equilibrium, weight distribution and resilience along challenging terrains.

Additionally, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 has detachable load sling functionalities, enabling the backpack to expand or compact according to the gear’s volume. It significantly extends the bag’s capacity for ridiculous loads while providing a unique packing flexibility, whether you are packing more gear for colder conditions or shedding weight for a swift summer trip.

Hydration compatibility is another integral feature in Terraframe 80’s capacious design. It presents a hydration reservoir sleeve and port to make it easier for you to regularly replenish fluids, ensuring you stay hydrated during your arduous travels.

Lastly, its carbon fiber frame adds strength, credibility, and durability to its structure. This frame is meticulously designed to support heavier loads, providing substantial comfort and back support.

In conclusion, the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80 exudes versatility, durability, and intelligent design. Imbued with a range of thoughtful features aimed at enhancing comfort, accessibility and load distribution, it ensures that you tackle challenging terrains without compromising on comfort or the safety of your belongings. Its standout 3-ZIP configuration, expandable capacity, hydration compatibility, and robust built make it a great choice for regular and power users. Undeniably, this product is synonymous with high-performing outdoor adventure gears worldwide.

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Volume 80
Frame Material Carbon
Adjustable Torso
Volume 4870 inĀ³
Weight 6 lbs 1 oz
Product Brand Mystery Ranch
Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Added: October 18, 2023

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Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

Mystery Ranch Terraframe 80

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