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Introducing the NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P, a tent that redefines comfort, convenience and innovation in the world of outdoor camping. This product is poised to cater to every outdoor enthusiast’s need for a reliable and high-functioning shelter whether your escape is deep into the woods, by the beach, or near the alpine trails. Its versatile and efficient design makes it suitable for use in different weather conditions, ensuring that your outdoor adventure is well-equipped and thoroughly enjoyable.

With a name that signifies sharpness and precision, the NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P has a cutting-edge design that sets it apart. It is lightweight, weighing just around 3.9 lbs, which makes it incredibly easy to carry during your hikes. Despite its weight, it doesn’t compromise on size or space. It offers ample space for two people to sleep comfortably, with head and elbow room being plentiful thanks to the tent’s unique pole structure.

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P’s design is remarkable, exhibiting the meticulous attention to detail for which the NEMO brand is known. It comes with two large doors and two vestibules that integrates practicality and comfort in its design for easy entry and exit, and extra storage for your gear. No more playing Tetris with your belongings or disturbing your tent mate in the middle of the night.

When it comes to construction, this tent boasts OSMO waterproof material that has powerful humidity-fighting capabilities to keep you dry regardless of the weather conditions. This fabric ensures that the tent remains firm and stable, even under heavy rain or snow. Moreover, the structure of the NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P is fortified with featherlight DAC poles, which combine excellence in strength-to-weight ratio, giving the stability and rigidity needed to withstand winds and the stress of continual use.

This tent is equipped with the Jake’s Foot corner anchor system that simplifies the setup process and enhances tent stability. Overhead Light Pockets fashioned out of special light-diffusing fabric turn your headlamp into a tent lantern, dispersing light evenly, creating a pleasant and cozy environment. Carefully integrated mesh panels offer optimal ventilation and prevent condensation buildup, which can be crucial in managing temperature and airflow especially during warmer nights.

Moreover, it is the embodiment of sustainability, incorporating fabrics that have been made from recycled materials, without compromising on the tent’s performance, durability or comfort, marrying environmental responsibility and state-of-the-art functionality.

Lastly, the NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P comes with a handy ‘Divvy Sack’ which allows you to split weight between your backpacking buddy for a more balanced and comfortable trek. This is in harmony with NEMO’s overarching aim to increase overall user-friendliness and make the outdoors seem less daunting and more accessible.

In conclusion, the NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P is an unparalleled product in its category that incorporates design, comfort, durability and sustainability in a compact and convenient package. Paired with user-friendly packaging and outstanding weather protection, it serves as a testament to NEMO’s dedication to superior design, quality and overall performance. It isn’t just a tent; it’s your home away from home.

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Capacity 2
Season 3
Doors 2
Inner Tent Area 31.3 square feet
Vestibule Area 11.4 + 11.4 square feet
Interior Height 42 inches
Weight 4 lbs 2 oz
Product Brand Nemo
Nemo Tents & Shelters

Added: October 1, 2023

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