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Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68


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Introducing the Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68, an impressive innovation designed to be more than a backpack, it’s an adventurer’s companion. Built for the explorers, the hikers, the travelers, and the free spirits, the AirScape 68 personifies the Osprey brand’s commitment to quality, comfort, and functionality.

Boasting an overall capacity of 68 liters and constructed with the most durable material, this backpack provides enough storage space without compromising the weight, allowing easy portability. It is your ideal pick for multi-day trips that need substantial yet easily manageable cargo space. The backpack can accommodate your belongings, utilities, and survival gear with superior ease.

What sets the Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68 uniquely apart is it’s ingeniously conceived AirScape technology. This airflow design assists in keeping your back dry, adding comfort during strenuous ascents, or during warm weather endeavors. The AirScape back panel is designed to ensure you carry your gear, not your sweat, offering a superior ventilation system for those long, demanding treks.

Comfort meshes seamlessly with functionality in the AirScape 68 as it showcases a physique-hugging design that evenly distributes the backpack’s weight across your body, thereby reducing strain. Its adjustable torso length and hip belt allow a personalized fit making carrying heavy loads comfortable. To cater to various weather conditions, the backpack is equipped with an integrated and detachable rain cover, keeping your possessions safe from unpredictable weather elements.

A standout feature is its sleep bag compartment at the base, optimized to snugly fit your sleeping bag for those overnight journeys. The backpack also introduces an external hydration reservoir compartment, a convenient and easier solution to fulfill your hydration needs, reinforcing your trips’ ease and safety.

Providing utility and access points, the main compartment is capacious, accessible from both the top and the front. Additionally, the backpack boasts dual hip belt pockets, offering ease of access to small but essential items. Dual access side stretch mesh pockets and zippered sleeping bag compartment with a removable divider amplify its functionality, promoting ease of packing, access, and organization.

The Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68 is embedded with Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachments that let you tuck away your poles without having to remove your pack—an ideal feature for on-the-move convenience.

Visually, the backpack retains a sleek silhouette despite its high-volume nature. It’s available in pleasing, earthy tones to blend perfectly with your outdoor journeys. All of these features come together to ensure visual appeal while not compromising practical benefits.

In short, the Ospray UNLTD AirScape 68 is an excellent choice for all kinds of adventurers. It perfectly balances durability and weight, comfort and functionality, achieving a fine synergy of design and technology. Every feature and detail is tailored to meet the needs of the most discerning backpackers. This backpack is evidently an impressive blend of ergonomic build, smart storage, and intuitive features that ensure an enjoyable outdoor journey. With the Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68, you are truly equipped to face the road less traveled.

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Volume 64
Frame Material High-carbon stainless steel
Includes Raincover
Hipbelt Pockets
Adjustable Torso
Volume 3906 in³
Weight 6 lbs
Product Brand Osprey
Osprey Backpacks

Added: October 9, 2023

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Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68

Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68

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