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Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64


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Introducing the cutting-edge Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64, a revolutionary product that effortlessly blends superior technology with unparalleled comfort, designed to take your outdoor adventure to new heights.

The Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64 is not simply a backpack; it’s a life-style companion. Its key feature is the groundbreaking proprietary AntiGravity™ technology. This technology employs a multi-layered, tensioned web-mesh system that contours to the body, efficiently distributing weight and offering both unmatched breathability and comfort. The AntiGravity™ back system gives the illusion of a lighter load, ensuring you can walk, hike, or climb without strain.

This all-purpose backpack offers a generous 64-liter capacity, allowing you to easily pack all your gear for multi-day trips. The quality and durability of the materials used ascertain long-lasting performance and resistance to weather elements, trail dust, and other usual wear and tear.

Moreover, the Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64 comes with a multitude of thoughtful features designed to enhance your outdoor experience. It offers a large front zippered pocket, a sleeping bag compartment, and stretch mesh side pockets. An additional floating top lid provides an extra space to store items for quick and easy access. Twin ice axe loops cater to mountaineering adventures, and removable sleeping pad straps make camping more convenient.

Hydration is well-accommodated with an exterior hydration sleeve that makes refilling your water reservoir a breeze, keeping it separate from your other belongings. Crucially, this feature ensures that potential leaks won’t dampen your gear.

Of course, Osprey understands the significance of travel comforts. The backpack is well-equipped with adjustable torso lengths for improved fit and comfort, plus an integrated and detachable rain cover for unexpected downpours. This is further enhanced by the implementation of the AntiGravity™ hip belt, seamlessly integrating with the back panel for an extraordinarily adjustable, body-hugging fit.

Innovation and commitment to quality are at the heart of Osprey, which is why the UNLTD AntiGravity 64 is the number one choice for avid outdoor enthusiasts. It is designed for optimal functionality without sacrificing comfort, ensuring that you can focus on the beauty of your journey.

The Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64 transforms your hiking or backpacking experience, providing the support, convenience, and reliability you need on your journey. This product aptly showcases Osprey’s superior approach to practical design, technological innovation, and understanding of outdoor enthusiasts’ needs. It is indeed the ultimate backpack solution for those demanding reliability, comfort, and style in their adventures.

Your perfect trail mate, the Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64, awaits. With this innovative backpack, carry comfort, convenience, and durability with you through every peak and valley of your outdoor journeys.

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Volume 61
Frame Material 7075 anodized aluminum; stainless steel
Includes Raincover
Hipbelt Pockets
Adjustable Torso
Volume 3722 in³
Weight 5 lbs 4 oz
Product Brand Osprey
Osprey Backpacks

Added: October 10, 2023

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Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64

Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64

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