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Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15

The Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15 is an innovative and appealing sleeping bag that offers outstanding performance and design advantages for outdoor enthusiasts and camping aficionados. This meticulously crafted product merges comfort, warmth, and reliability to deliver the best possible outdoor sleeping experience.

Engineered to withstand temperatures as low as 15°F (-9°C), the Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15 sleeping bag ensures you stay comfortable even in the coldest environments. It incorporates ULTRA-DRY Down 850+ loft, making it supremely warm and lightweight. The ULTRA-DRY Down provides impressive insulating power and has a water-repellent treatment to protect against moisture and retain loft. It means even in damp conditions, your sleeping bag remains dry and warm, extending your camping range to colder climates.

Outline in a 3D semi-rectangular shape, this sleeping bag is the epitome of comfort. It offers ample space for you to move freely without feeling confined, a feature that is often misunderstood but of immense importance for a restless camper. The Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15 is equipped with a foot box, an integrated design feature usually seen in premium sleeping bags. The foot box provides extra space where it matters, allowing for a natural resting position for your feet, enhancing overall comfort.

Designed with versatility in mind, this sleeping bag stands apart with its Free-Flow triple-zip design that offers multiple ventilation options and flexibility in various climates. Whether you’re camping on a mild summer night or enduring a harsh winter evening, the Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15 adjusts to your needs. The half zip on the right opens from the foot to the middle of the bag for ventilation while the full-length zip on the left widens into a fully opened bag if desired.

Crafted from 20D Nylon shell and 20D Nylon lining, the Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15 guarantees durability and strength without compromising on the lightweight or soft touch. The materials chosen for this sleeping bag are lightweight, compressible, and pack down to an astonishingly small size, making it perfect for traveling light. Additionally, the interior lining feels soft and comfortable against your skin, enhancing your sleep quality after an exhausting day of hiking or climbing.

Attention to detail is evident in the Ascent AcII 15 with its internal security pocket, perfect for storing important items such as phones, flashlights, or GPS devices close at hand. Furthermore, the bag comes equipped with a lightweight Ultra-Sil compression bag, mesh storage cell, and laundry bag, making the product more convenient and user-friendly.

In summary, the Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15 sleeping bag is designed with the ultimate outdoor enthusiast in mind. It offers exceptional warmth, durability, and comfort while remaining lightweight and easily portable. With its smart features and incredible versatility, it is not just a sleeping bag but a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures.

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Weight 2 lbs 7 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

Added: November 7, 2023

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Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15

Sea to Summit Ascent AcII 15

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