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Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

The Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double is a uniquely designed camping accessory that provides a taking camping experience to a whole new level. This unconventional sleeping bag is distinctively tailored for avid campers who yearn for seamless sleep and comfort as they dive into their adventurous trips outdoors.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the quilt weighs only about 2.44 pounds, emphasising the conception of being ultra-light. It’s made with gained wisdom to satisfy the needs of various camping enthusiasts, projecting the essence of portability and compactness. It perfectly fits into your camping backpack, taking minimal space, which makes it incredibly travel-friendly.

The ember quilt is truly a definition of adaptability and versatility. It’s a double version, meaning it can easily accommodate two individuals, allowing them to have splendid nights under the stars. The bag offers 50F (10C) versatile comfort range. The sleeping bag is proudly known for its optional foot box that can loosely fit around your feet or totally enclose your feet, allowing the transition from a flat blanket to a mummy style bag configuration.

The quilt is brimmed with the finest quality 750+ loft ultra-dry down feathers carefully encased in a 15D Nylon shell and lining fabric. It’s ultrasonic dot welded to create large baffles throughout the quilt, ensuring the down doesn’t shift and cold spots are eliminated. The type of down feathers used is exclusively treated to make it water repellent, providing a warm, dry resting place in damp surroundings.

The Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight Down Quilt is distinguished by its durability and endurance. It incorporates a 15D nylon shell that is water-resistant and tough enough to withstand the rigours of outdoor living. The base closure is designed to seal out draughts while the differential cut design helps to wrap around your body to eliminate cold spots.

Adding flair to functionality, the Sea to Summit team designed this quilt with a unique aesthetic appeal. It’s available in a delicate, nature-inspired green hue, emphasizing the outdoor aura and amalgamating gracefully with the surrounding camping environment.

The size of this quilt ensures ample space for both sleepers. Measuring 84 inches in length and 51 inches in width, the quilt provides roominess for anyone to sprawl out, stretch, and enjoy a cosy sleep.

A camping trip is never as enjoyable without a warm, comfortable place to rest, and achieving this feat at a minimal weight is a real challenge. The Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double stands as an innovation in this category. It suits the best of both worlds – comfort and portability, complementing those who believe in the thrill of adventures and the enchantment of a peaceful night under the open sky.

Whether you are trail hiking, backcountry skiing, or just enjoying an evening around the campfire, the Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double ensures your nights are as satisfying as your days. It’s more than just a sleeping bag; it’s a compact, travel-friendly, and versatile essential that amalgamates the comfort of a traditional sleeping bag with the convenience and freedom of a quilt.

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Weight 1 lbs 6.9 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

Added: October 20, 2023

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Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

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