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Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

Introducing the newest addition to the outdoor gear catalog – the Sea to Summit Ember Ultrallight 50F Down Quilt in Double size. This product is your ultimate companion for outdoor escapes, specifically designed to keep you comfortable while maintaining a convenience-friendly pack size and weight.

Defining the benchmark for outdoor luxury and comfort, the Sea to Summit Ember Ultrallight 50F Down Quilt is engineered around the principles of efficient insulation, robust design, and unrivaled packability. At approximately 600 words, this description will give you an overall view of this innovative product.

This ultralight quilt measures approximately 6.5 feet long and 4.4 feet wide. Despite its large size, it packs down into a minuscule compression sack for the ultimate in portability. The double-size option is perfect for solo travelers who want extra space or for two adventurers who want to share body warmth. It’s the ideal balance of weight, size, and warmth that your backpacking trips, car camping adventures, or even unexpected overnight stays have been calling for.

The Ember Ultralight is crafted with a 750+ loft Ultra-Dry Down filling. This high-quality down ensures superior warmth-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, the Ultra-Dry Down is treated with a durable, water-repellent finish, allowing the quilt to insulate even in damp conditions. As for the shell and lining, they are made from 15D nylon, meaning they are ultra-lightweight yet incredibly durable.

Rated to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or approximately 10 degrees Celsius, this quilt is designed to be a summertime or warm weather companion. Its large size and down filling make it an exceptional option for stargazing on cool summer nights. However, it can also function as a supplementary insulator over a sleeping bag for colder nights.

The Sea to Summit Ember Quilt is made to be versatile and adaptable, featuring a unique design that distinguishes it from traditional sleeping bags. Unlike typical bags, the Ember quilt boasts a minimalist’s design with a unique, adjustable foot box cinch-cord arrangement. This can be modified, enabling it to function laid flat like a blanket or converted into a mummy-style cocoon, optimizing heat retention around your feet while sleeping.

Minimalist outdoor enthusiasts cherish this product for its weight. Coming in at just over a pound (about 0.67 kg), the Ember Ultralight ensures no unnecessary bulk to compromise your journey’s enjoyment. Despite its ultralight nature, the quilt does not skim on comfort. The box-baffled construction guarantees an even distribution of down, preventing cold spots and keeping you cozy throughout the night.

Designed with attention to detail and focus on comfort and portability, the Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt is not just a product but a promise to experience the outdoors with the utmost ease. The Ember Quilt offers a league of features and benefits tailored for the modern explorer who refuses to compromise on comfort, quality, or efficiency while embracing the boundless adventures of the wilderness.

The Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double is the perfect faithful companion for those restless souls eager to step outside and discover nature’s bounty, maintaining the spirit of incredible adventures and timeless outdoor experiences.

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Weight 1 lbs 6.9 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
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Added: September 27, 2023

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Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

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