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Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

The Sea to Summit Ember Ultrilight 50F Down Quilt – Double is a luxurious, versatile, and lightweight sleeping system designed for outdoor adventurers who refuse to compromise on comfort or performance. Built for two people, this double-sized version provides warmth, protection, and ample room for a duo desiring a cozy sleep under the stars.

Crafted with ultra-light 7D and 10D fabrics, the Ember Ultralight 50F is both supremely soft to the touch and extremely resilient, able to withstand the rigours of outdoor usage. Measuring a generous size, the quilt offers ample coverage to keep users comfortably ensconced without feelings of restriction. Its interior is packed with 850+ loft Ultra-Dry Down, a superior insulating fill renowned for its exceptional warmth and compressibility. This top-quality down conforms to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) ensuring ethical sourcing.

Nominal temperature rating of 50F/10C ensures you remain comfortably warm in mild conditions or summer adventures. However, with multiple configurations available, the Ember Ultralight’s warmth and coverage can be personalized according to user preference or weather conditions. When zipped into a snug mummy bag shape, its efficiency is maximised ensuring extra warmth on cooler nights. On warmer evenings, the quilt can be spread out flat or cinched at the foot for custom ventilation.

Included in the package is an Ultra-Sil compression bag to reduce down-bulky quilts to a pack-friendly size, and a lightweight Ultra-Sil stuff sack for the less-compressed transport and storage. These two options provide flexibility according to your packing needs whether it’s for hiking, backpacking, camping, or on a bike tour.

A salient feature of the Ember Ultralight 50F is its Ultra-Dry Down water-repellent treatment. The down absorbs significantly less moisture while retaining loft and insulating much better than untreated down. This ensures that you stay warm even in damp conditions, and the quilt dries faster for your comfort and convenience.

Other features include an adjustable drawcord system for easy temperature control, and a press-stud closure on the footbox. These tiny attentions to detail make the quilt even more versatile according to your needs.

The Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double brings both functional adaptability and comfort to the forefront. Despite its light weight, it doesn’t compromise on warmth, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an adaptable sleeping system scaled for two.

In summary, the Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double is a remarkable blend of luxury and practicality. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the romance of sleeping under the stars yet don’t want to forego comfort, warmth and ease. The quilt’s featherweight design makes it perfect for lightweight backpacking, while its versatility and advanced features make it a superior addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection. Whether you’re trekking through the alpine forests or camping on a beach, the Ember Ultralight 50F promises a warm, comfortable, and restful night’s sleep.

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Weight 1 lbs 6.9 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
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Added: October 9, 2023

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Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

Sea to Summit Ember Ultralight 50F Down Quilt – Double

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