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Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F Sleeping Bag – Women’s

Introducing the Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F Sleeping Bag for Women, it offers exceptional performance by being lightweight, snug, and specially designed to cater to women’s physiological needs. This 600+ word description will highlight the product’s extraordinary features designed to make an impact on your outdoor adventures.

The Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F sleeping bag features a minimalist design, weighing just 1.128 pounds (512 grams), which makes it an ideal companion for those seeking to minimise their load on an adventurous hiking or camping trip. Despite being ultralight, it doesn’t compromise on warmth, providing an exceptional comfort temperature of 15°F (-9°C), making it optimal for three-season use.

One of the defining attributes of this sleeping bag is its tailored design for women. It acknowledges that women radiate less heat and frequently have cold feet. Therefore, it has specific designing enhancements which include a narrower shoulder area for a snugger fit and extra down in the foot box for added warmth. Such bespoke adjustments make it a female adventurer’s perfect companion.

The materials used for its construction are impressive. The shell is made of 10D Nylon, a durable, and lightweight fabric that ensures longevity, whereas the lining is a 7D fabric to promote breathability and manage moisture. It boasts 850+ loft premium goose down insulation, which is exceptionally warm, light, and packable. Down is widely acclaimed for its superior insulation, providing the best warmth-to-weight ratio compared to synthetic insulations.

A vital feature is the Ultra-Dry Down treatment, which protects the down from external moisture and condensation from the inside of the bag, virtually eliminating the negative effects water has on down. From humid climates to cold alpine environments, the Ultra-Dry Down will help retain loft and insulate effectively.

One standout attribute of this sleeping bag is the quilt-like baffle construction. The vertical chest baffles prevent the down from migrating, ensuring it stays evenly distributed for consistent heat retention. The half-zip design with two-way zipper allows for easy access and ventilation as required.

The Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F sleeping bag provides a comfortable and thermal efficient shape. The mummy shape, with a more comprehensive shoulder area tapering to a narrower foot area, reduces dead space, effectively maintaining body heat. The oversized neck-collar and hood-seal keep drafts out, minimizing heat loss around the face, further boosting its performance.

It also comes with a lightweight Ultra-Sil Nano stuff sack for efficient packing and an extra storage sack. When packed, it possesses an impressively small volume of 4.5 liters, leaving ample space for other essential gear in your backpack.

In terms of sizing, the Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F sleeping bag is available in Women’s Regular (up to 5’7″) and Women’s Long (up to 6’0″), accommodating a wide range of body heights.

In conclusion, the Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F Women’s sleeping bag offers an excellent blend of comfort, weight, and warmth. With a graded performance for women, top-quality materials, and smart design features like the Ultra-Dry Down and quilt-like baffle construction, it is a reliable choice for lightweight outdoor adventures. It is durable, comfortable, and effective in keeping you warm against temperatures down to 15°F. This sleeping bag stands tall among its contemporaries promising an unmatched outdoor camping experience.

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Weight 1 lbs 15 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

Added: October 18, 2023

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Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F Sleeping Bag – Women’s

Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 15F Sleeping Bag – Women’s

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