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Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 35F Sleeping Bag – Women’s

The Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 35F Women’s Sleeping Bag is a high-quality and premium sleeping accessory best suited for adventurous women who value comfort, warmth, and durability. In a market overcrowded with numerous sleeping bag options, this model stands out like a beacon, promising exceptional performance.

Boasting a stunning exterior of technical, lightweight 10-denier fabric, the Flame Ultralight promises both longevity and strength without compromising on the weight factor. Weighing only 468g, the sleeping bag is ultralight, living up to its name, making it an ideal companion for hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing. This sleek, minimal weight doesn’t detain its enthusiasm for providing warmth, even in temperatures as low as 35F, making it an essential gear piece for expedition treks or chilly nights under a star-studded sky.

One of the striking features of the Flame Ultralight 35F is its design, specifically tailored for women. It accounts for the physiological variances between men and women, providing extra space in areas where women typically require it, such as the hip region. Further, the sleeping bag narrows towards the foot region to maintain women’s core body warmth efficiently. This ergonomic design ensures not just a snug fit but also provides supreme comfort while sleeping.

The Flame Ultralight’s insulation sets it apart. Made with 850+ loft Ultra-Dry™, ethically sourced down, it ensures high performance and exceptional insulation, keeping you cozy throughout the night. The Nano shell aids in warding off moisture, enhancing the overall life and performance of down insulation in varied weather conditions.

What makes this sleeping bag more appealing is its versatility and transformability. The half-zip option provides versatility, allowing sufficient ventilation on warmer nights while sealing in heat on cooler ones. Moreover, it can convert into a two-person quilt, demonstrating its adaptability and making it a functional and practical choice for varied outdoor sleeping arrangements.

The Flame Ultralight doesn’t fall short on convenience and portability, either. Included with every purchase, the Ultra-Sil compression sack compresses the bag to a small, manageable size, making it extremely easy to pack and carry during your travel escapades.

To amplify its luxury appeal, this sleeping bag features a draft tube over the zip, a hood with a down-filled collar, and a box foot section. These design elements provide optimum warmth by trapping a layer of air and retaining heat. You’ll also appreciate its high-quality RDS certified down, ensuring the animals are not subjected to any unnecessary harm or discomfort in obtaining the down.

The Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 35F Women’s Sleeping Bag is an epitome of comfort, warmth, and luxury. It successfully marries durability with lightweight design and excellent insulation, creating a superior-quality sleeping bag that’s well-worth every penny. It invites you to greet the wilderness in style, comfort, and warmth, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to enabling every woman’s adventure dream. Enjoy the colorful blend of deep sleep, comfort, and outdoor thrill with this Flame Ultralight sleeping bag!

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Weight 1 lbs 1.8 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

Added: September 28, 2023

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Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 35F Sleeping Bag – Women’s

Sea to Summit Flame Ultralight 35F Sleeping Bag – Women’s

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