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Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F

The Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F is a weekender’s dream brought to fruition. This stunning piece of outdoor gear is an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag engineered for the modern outdoor enthusiast wanting to pack light, while still enjoying maximum comfort and warmth. With its weight starting at just 12.3 ounces, it redefines the boundaries of weight and pack size, ideal for fast and light adventures.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Spark Ultralight 28F incorporates a 10D Nylon Shell and 7D liner, both contributing to the reduced weight and compactness. This robust sleeping bag displays reliable durability without compromising on the lightness of the bag, making it apt for backpacking, bike packing and camping scenarios alike.

A defining feature of the Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F is its temperature rating. It confidently provides comfort at 28 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately -2 degrees Celsius), making it ideal for three-season usage. This rating is combined with premium, 850+ loft, UltraDry down ensuring a high warmth-to-weight ratio. The downward filling allows for superior compressibility, quicker drying and offers effortless maintenance, which is a boon for those prolonged outdoor escapades.

If you are worried about warmth retention, the Spark Ultralight has you covered. It is designed with a full-length zipper and has a mummy shape with a snug fit, ensuring adequate heat conservation throughout the night. Considering every small detail, it also includes a draft tube preventing heat loss from the zipper, keeping you comfortably warm even in the coolest of nights.

For those concerned about comfort, the Spark Ultralight goes above and beyond. It comes with a large hood accommodating a fluffy pillow, a box wall in the torso section for more down and warmth provision and a sewn-through construction in the lower part to minimize weight. These precise details work in unity to provide a good night’s rest after a day of strenuous outdoor activity.

The packability of the Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F is truly commendable. It comes with a lightweight Ultra-Sil compression bag that allows you to minimize pack size to an incredibly small volume, effortlessly fitting into your backpack and leaving ample room for other gear. The compression sack’s drawcord is equipped with a pull handle, ensuring quick and convenient access to the sleeping bag.

To add to its long list of features, the Spark Ultralight 28F is hydrophobically treated. The Ultra-Dry Down water-repellent treatment applied to the down makes it highly resistant to moisture and damp conditions, ensuring you stay warm and dry during those unexpected wet spells.

In summation, the Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F sleeping bag is an epitome of quality and convenience that can navigate through the great outdoors with you. It successfully marries supreme comfort with optimum transportability, while additionally providing a durable and reliable choice for any adventurer. This innovatively designed piece of outdoor equipment, with its extensive features and well-thought construction, promises a cozy and warm slumber under the starry sky, and truly lives up to its stellar reputation in the world of camping gear.

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Weight 1 lbs 2 oz
Product Brand Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

Added: September 27, 2023

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Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F

Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight 28F

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