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The North Face Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT


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Introducing The North Face Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT, the pinnacle of lightweight, durable, and high-performance alpine gear. This innovative product is designed to take your mountaineering experience to new heights, offering unmatched protection and functionality in extreme conditions. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced features, the Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT is a game-changer in the world of outdoor exploration.

The North Face prides itself on pushing the boundaries of outdoor gear, and the Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT is no exception. This three-person tent is built to withstand the harshest alpine environments. The key to its exceptional performance lies in FUTURELIGHT, the proprietary waterproof and breathable fabric technology developed by The North Face. This advanced material enables the tent to uniquely adapt to changing weather conditions, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your expedition.

The Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT features a sturdy yet lightweight carbon fiber frame, providing structural support while minimizing weight. This makes it an ideal choice for alpinists, who prioritize reducing their pack weight without compromising on durability. The aerodynamic design also enhances stability, allowing the tent to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, ensuring your safety in even the most unforgiving environments.

The tent’s single-wall construction further adds to its strength and versatility. By eliminating the need for a separate rainfly, the Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT significantly reduces setup time and weight, making it an excellent option for fast-and-light missions. This design also minimizes the risk of moisture accumulating inside the tent, ensuring a dry and comfortable shelter during prolonged expeditions.

Ventilation is crucial in maintaining a comfortable living space in alpine environments, and The North Face recognizes this. The Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT features multiple vents strategically placed to optimize airflow, reducing condensation buildup. These vents can be easily adjusted from inside the tent, allowing you to fine-tune your comfort level without stepping outside. Additionally, the vestibule provides ample storage space, keeping your gear organized and protected from the elements.

The North Face has been known for its attention to detail, and the Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT is no exception. The tent is meticulously designed with reinforced stress points, durable zippers, and sealed seams to enhance its longevity and performance. The high-visibility guylines and reflective accents ensure your tent remains visible even in low light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety to your alpine adventures.

Setting up camp on challenging terrains can be a daunting task, but The North Face has made it easier with the Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT. The color-coded poles and quick-pitch design simplify the setup process, allowing you to spend more time exploring and less time battling with your gear. The compact pack size also ensures hassle-free transportation, whether you’re trekking through the mountains or embarking on a multi-day expedition.

The Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT is not just a tent; it’s a testament to The North Face’s commitment to innovation and quality. Designed by and for passionate alpinists, this product is the culmination of decades of research and development. When you choose The North Face Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT, you invest in a reliable, high-performance tent that will stand up to the challenges of the most extreme environments, helping you conquer new heights and create lasting memories along the way.

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Capacity 3
Season 4
Doors 2
Inner Tent Area 36.9 square feet
Vestibule Area 16.1 square feet
Interior Height 46 inches
Weight 6 lbs 13 oz
Product Brand The North Face
The North Face Tents & Shelters

Added: September 19, 2023

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The North Face Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT

The North Face Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT

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